Navagata Reliable Navigation is a company that produces cutting-edge navigation hardware and software.
I designed a trade show for them to be displayed at the Upcircuit International 2017 show.
The fixtures and furniture in the exhibit were inspired by the set of the film Star Trek Into Darkness.
This was done to speak to the generation of people who grew up watching Star Trek and futuristic movies, that would now be sent to trade shows such as this one.

I created the exhibit in Sketch-up and rendered through a Sketch-up plugin. I then added the displays projected on the walls in Adobe Photoshop.

For more detailed information on the Navagata Logo see the link below.
Navagata Logo

tradeshow entrance

The above is a view of the trade show exhibit from the entrance that faces the aisle of the trade floor. Two product displays project information about the products inside them onto the walls. The demo area, where the Holographic Display GPS would be demonstrated and presented is visible in the back-left corner of the exhibit. A seating area that is visible from the trade floor would help to attract guests to the exhibit.


trade show sales desk

The above is a view of the trade show sales desk from the demo area. The surface of the sales desk uses a combination of projectors and sensors, located in the posts of the desk. They create the effect of a large touch screen for the desk. To the right, you will see the entrance to the simulator that will allow customers to experience what it would be like to use the Holographic Display GPS. The simulator will feature a luxury sports car that is set in an enclosed room. When the doors close, projectors in the ceiling will project a scene of a city street onto the walls. The “driver” will then be able to drive through the simulation as though he were driving a real car.