2015 Taste of Texas was a wine tasting event at which Arché released its new Origins Collection, a set of wines that were started when their winery was founded.

The text forming the bottle is comprised of all of the different flavors that were featured at the tasting.

The Greek key pattern in the background is a reference to the meaning of its name.

Arché is Greek for beginning or origin, that from which all things begin.

To create this poster I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.
Adobe Illustrator was used to create the background and logo.
Adobe InDesign was used to layout the text and form the text-wrap that creates the shape of the bottle.

Arché is a real winery and vineyard. I did not create this design for them.
This design was created as a school project at The Art Institute of Dallas.
Linked below is their real website where you can learn about their winery and purchase their wines.